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The 2024 Doubles OU Circuit will consist of the following tournaments:
  • One Doubles Seasonal
  • Doubles Ladder Tournament
  • Doubles Swiss
  • Official Smogon Doubles Tournament IV
  • Doubles Last Chance Qualifier
This all concludes with the Doubles Invitational, during which the Top 16 players based on Circuit Points earned through the year will duke it out for the Current Gen Circuit ribbon in their postbit. A breakdown of how many points can be earned via each tournament is below.

Doubles Seasonal:

Doubles Ladder Tournament:

Doubles Swiss:

Official Smogon Doubles Tournament:

Doubles Last Chance Qualifier:

1. What are Seasonals?

Seasonals are the most straightforward of our tournaments and serve as the flagship tournaments for the DOU Circuit. They are large, double elimination tournaments that generally take around 14-15 weeks to fully finish. Each round you will be paired up with an opponent and play a Bo3 SV Doubles OU set, during which you will be allowed to switch teams between games. There will be only one seasonal in the 2024 circuit.

2. What is Doubles Ladder Tournament?
In this tournament, people will be signing up to ladder for a full week to rank as high as possible. The highest ranking finishers may earn a spot in the playoffs. This cycle will continue for four weeks and culminate in a single elimination, best-of-three playoff for all qualifiers. There will be four laddering periods, with four participants from each qualifying for a 16-man playoff. As always, these qualifiers will be decided by ELO at the end of the laddering period. There will be no wild card entrants or byes in playoffs.

3. What is Doubles Swiss?
Doubles Swiss is a Swiss-style tournament, with five qualifying rounds during the Swiss portion where each round players will be matched up with an opponent with a similar record as them. The rounds will be played in best of three matchups of SV DOU. Players are eliminated once they have three losses in the Swiss portion. Participants that do not accumulate three losses during the Swiss rounds will top cut, which will be a single elimination tournament with rounds of best of three SV DOU, seeded based on the results from the Swiss qualifier.

4. What is Doubles Last Chance Qualifier?
Doubles Last Chance Qualifier will be a single elimination tournament played in rounds of best of three SV DOU held at the end of the year, providing participants to have a "last chance" to get needed circuit points to qualify for the invitational.

5. When are all these tournaments happening?
Check the second post in this thread for the circuit schedule!

*Regarding restricting access to tournament matches

In order for access to be restricted to a tournament set, both players must consent (i.e., the default is public room, modjoin off). Furthermore, viewing access to tournament matches may not be restricted in any way in the following scenarios:
  • During or after Top 8 of single elimination tournament brackets, including playoffs of tournaments with a qualifying + playoff component
  • During or after Round 10 of Seasonals
  • At any point during Doubles Premier League
  • At any point during Doubles Invitationals
Restricted viewing access is defined as enabling any setting that prevents someone from accessing the room without an invitation or direct link. This includes but is not limited to: enabling modjoin, hiding the room, or using ionext. In other words, someone needs to be able to click on your name on Pokemon Showdown and see the battle room. If a game is accidentally modjoined via ionext, there will be no penalty if modjoin is turned off before team preview ends.

Any games with restricted access under the specified scenarios will be considered invalid and must be replayed. For example, Player A wins game 1 of a set, then modjoins game 2 and wins game 2. Game 2 will not be counted and must be replayed for the set to be complete.

Anyone found to be abusing the rule (e.g. hiding a room when you know you'll lose so it will be invalid) will be punished severely.
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Below is the schedule for the 2024 Doubles OU Circuit. Start dates are for Round 1, not signups, which are usually 1 week prior.

2024 Doubles Circuit Tournaments

Doubles Ladder Tournament

January 1st - February 25th

Official Smogon Doubles Tournament
February 19th - May 27th

Doubles Seasonal
April 29th - August 4th

Doubles Swiss Open
July 29th - October 20th

Doubles Last Chance Qualifier
October 7th - November 24th

Doubles Invitational
December 2nd - December 29th

Other Major Doubles OU Tournaments

Doubles Premier League X

January 15th - March 10th

Doubles Derby II
May 27th - July 28th

Smogon Champions League
September 9th - December 1st

Doubles World Cup V
November 4th - December 8th

Active tournaments are colored in Blue
Completed tournaments are colored in Grey

Signups for circuit tournaments will be posted one week before the listed date, while Doubles Premier League player signups will be posted 1-2 weeks before the listed date. The first date listed for each tournament is the start of Round 1 (or Week 1) of tournament play. The length of each tournament is an estimate, but the actual length may vary based on number of signups. All official circuit tournaments will be hosted in the Smogon Metagames Circuits subforum.

From last year, we have made many changes based on suggestion from the tournament feedback thread, as well as the circuit survey responses. The circuit has been changed to be current generation DOU only, as past generations will be part of a Doubles Oldgens circuit. The DOU Swiss Open has replaced a second seasonal, and Doubles Last Chance Qualifier has replaced Doubles Homefield.
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